The Solution For Solid Neodymium Segments

The solution for solid Neodymium Segments center has been developed from Neodymium powders.
From raw Neodymium ingots, Tom and Jason have proven that solid Neodymium can be produced with the
existing SMI facilities and team skills.

The results makes for an economical production
of SEG parts as solid as any metal. The left Neodymium round was the first trial test that shows cracks,SolidNeodymium
but with further adjustments by Tom, the right side Neodymium round was produced with excellent results.
It is again more progress that is on track with our existing program, we are now able to manufacture
solid Neodymium segment centers and no doubt these same techniques it can be applied for the making any
large Neodymium ring of an SEG stator with the 100 Ton press.

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