SEG Magnetic Bearing and the forces of rotation


This video demonstrates the SEG concept of electrical current flow in and out of the system as traced by the red conductive wire and it dramatically shows why DC currents thru the rollers will set them into motion as shown by this video clip.

This magnetic motive force does indeed take place at the area rollers occupy. The electrical current interacts with the ring plate’s general magnetic field at the correct 90 degree angle and unlike conventional DC motors, it works without commutative contacts.

Rotating Wire Video – click image or here to view it.


Roller Power video

The SEG utilizes C-shaped electromagnets at its periphery to inductively pickup and extract energy out of the dynamic Rollers.

This handheld unit demonstrates that principle now as matter of fact.

The Roller’s reactive spin near the copper plate induces energy to the inductive pick coil. This clip shows the coil’s electrical output is actually robust enough to light up a 24W light bulb at relativity slow speeds.


Roller Torque video

In this clip, we can demonstrate the torque experienced by a roller that is hinged on an acrylic assembly, causing spin up to thousands of RPM.

There are two magnetic forces at work, one that floats it off the surface of the copper plate and the other is torque causing it to spin.

Most interesting is the fact that the roller’s magnetic field are based likewise to the magnetic waveform pattern produced by the Searl Effect Magnetizer as seen on test segments which incidentally forms the bases for spin as shown.

With these results, it is clearly evident that the SEG’s rollers can and must conform to both an orbit and spin around the stator rings which is in complete agreement SEG theory of operation.

It is with such diligent and technical investigative research that

we are gradually revealing the merits of the SEG on a step-by-step basis.


Roller Levitation video

This video clip demonstrates the magnetic forces that suspends a roller.

The setup isolates the effect and confirms Prof. John Searl long documented statements that rollers never touch Ring Plate when operational. For the first time ever, we can now demonstrate what is a true magnetic bearing at work within the SEG design, which further adds value and merit to the concept.  Note, this is just one material layer being investigated, there are in fact three others material layer involved, each with their own functions and together they form solid state components that make up a complete SEG device.


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