Prof. John Searl and Fernando Morris Finalizing the Magnetization Stage

Prof. John Searl


SMI CEO- Fernando Morris at the monitor and control console.

Prof. John Searl is President of SMI, both now working together

for the first time at the magnetics laboratory (Blue Lab).

The mission – to finilaze the magnetization stage of the

SEG project which can only be done with him present.

Searl and Morris at the Demo table that proves merits of

the SEG concept in many ways.

Indeed, Searl Magnetics, Inc. (SMI) is like a tiny mustard seed,

but given time and care, it will grow tall

and tower over all others. Prof. Searl is now directly assisting

with the SEG R&D and taking it up to the next level.


The Searl Team welcomes Prof. John Searl back the USA,

to take charge SMI R&D operations.


Team Searl is engaging other groups and building a stronger

organization for positive social changes.  Creating business

opportunities in the clean alternative energy field from

grid power to standalone solutions off the grid as well.


Prof. Searl interests as a pilot goes back

to the days of WWll. He was witness to the flights of

the B17 Bomber during the war, but never did he

expect to see one up close again at his age.


Today, he tours the air show at Gillespie Field airport with the P-51 Mustang ready for takeoff.


John Searl at the San Diego Air Museum and the wall of aviators. Ironically, Charles Branson had the opportunity in the 1970s to invest in the Searl Technology which would have changed air and space transportation to a far better system then what we have today.


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