Human pathological skepticism

“The era of procrastination, of half measures, of soothing

and baffling expedients of delay are coming to a close.

In its place, we are entering a period of consequences.”

Winston Churchill

Prof. Searl’s message

What  concerns us is just how much of the public’s trust has been abused by so-called experts and  their leaders with misleading talk about environmental issues and alternative energy prospects.


What we expect out of these so-called experts is talk about how they suspect the ozone hole has always been there with their claims that if chlorofluorocarbon is destroying the ozone, then here should be holes over populated areas. Should you ask these experts about global warming, they will simply deny it or dismiss it as only a cyclical climate change. Then when you ask them about the acid rain and air pollution, they would say that it is only a small percentage of what it claimed to be.

Just ask them what are the alternative energy solutions beyond today’s traditional means; they will typically make derogatory remarks about any alternatives that are unconventional to them and they will do so with complete disregard of their lack of practical experience on the subject matter.  Fact of the matter is, the true experts are those that  actually do have hands-on experience on the subject matter, but  they  typically ignore that  matter.


These are some of the hallmarks of a ‘pseudo-skeptic’ or ‘pathological skeptic’ as they often feign as experts on every subject by merely scoffing, dismissing or denying what they really do not understand.

The World is now in dire need of clean and economical energy more than ever. The fact of the matter is we are now facing a growing global  crisis that is no joke, it now demands serious consideration and long-term  solutions sooner than later or else we all will face the full wrath of nature’s  consequences.  A difficult transition towards clean energy and transportation systems must be made, regardless of how far ahead of its time the invention  is or whatever far-reaching advances it may present or even if may temporarily upset some intellectual and monetary monopolies.

And surely none are as blind as those who do not wish  to see and when that is coupled with uninhibited greed as  no doubt it is, then  it becomes a sad day for Mother Earth and our children’s future.

Perhaps I could do no better  than to recite for you a little poem,

which says it all…


Our children are crying, hear what they say.

Don’t take our tomorrow and throw it away.

Our planet is dying because you don’t care.

With your misguided science you’re polluting our air.

You cut too much forest for monetary gain.

The ground is so thirsty, no trees, mean no rain.

You’ve poisoned our oceans with filthy refuse.

Our fish, many are dying through senseless abuse.

Is this the inheritance you old ones will leave?

You are stealing our birthright, and for this we grieve.

We’ll have no tomorrow unless you take heed.

And cease the destruction you cause by your greed.

So list’ to our crying, and hear what we say.

Give back our tomorrow, take heed today.

Stop your pollution before it’s too late.

Or we’ll all have no future, but share the same fate.


The future with the SEG indeed looks bright and clean; the World will be a much healthier place than it is now with the SEG technology.

There is still much that each and every one of us can do to help – recycle all that can be done – do not throw our rubbish on the ground or in rivers and seas. Replant trees and open up the rivers to carry more water to stop land from being flooded.

Do not expect that the SEG will solve all the world problems, because it will not, but what it can do is to assist the recovery of the planet’s health by producing clean power and thereby improve the quality of our atmosphere, so all will benefit.

Now it is up to you to pave the way and educate your children to take care of the environment, so they can enjoy a better standard of life  far better then what we have at this time.

The future for our children can be bright, but now it is left up to us to bring this baby home so that they do have that future.

Thank you for spending your time to study this web site and I hope that you too share many of the same concerns regarding our planet.

Professor John R.R. Searl


Let’s see some well-known pioneering heretics:
Newton (1642-1727):

First in history to  articulate the universal law of gravitation, that is to say, an invisible force  that acts at a distance, whereas at the time everyone was convinced that any  force is manifested only by contact.  His ideas were fought  for over 30 years …

Röntgen (1845-1923):

The inventor of X rays,  long before its first medical application, was accused of being a charlatan by  Lord Kelvin, one of the most eminent scientists of his time.  In effect, Röntgen violated the laws of physics …   Today, all hospitals violate the rules of  physics.

Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922):

He was  prosecuted by the U.S. court for fraud because he was trying to raise capital  to manufacture telephone equipment.  The prosecution cited the bar for  physicists and engineers of the most respected who told the court that THE LAW OF PHYSICS MADE IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE TRANSPORT IN THE HUMAN VOICE CABLE …

Orville and Wilbur Wright (respectively 1871 -1948 and  1867-1912):

The Wright brothers were accused of being fraudulent by the entire American press when a mathematician at the Academy of Sciences of the  United States wrote an article, illustrated by numerous mathematical formulas  proving that no object heavier than air could not fly because it  was “violating all laws of physics”.  The magazine “Scientific American” (the  equivalent of “The Search”) has even accused the Wright brothers to  be as pathetic crooks.  In England, Lord Kelvin  (again), President of Royal Society of Sciences has even added from his pulpit:   “THE FLYING MACHINES HEAVIER THAN AIR ARE STRICTLY IMPOSSIBLE.

Einstein  (1879-1955):

His theory of relativity has been contested by all mathematics teachers who reported that this was the BIGGEST HOAX OF THE HISTORY  OF SCIENCE because it violates ALL THE RULES OF MATHEMATICS AND PHYSICS.   It took 20 years for Einstein’s theory to be  accepted (with the Nobel Prize) and he is no longer accused of charlatanism.

It was the same as for other scientists.
Here is a quote from Howard Bloom, author of book “The Lucifer Principle”:
“Things are not so  different in the modern scientific community.   Researchers in sociology maintain a mask of objectivity.  But behind this mask,  some schools of thought hidden ideological goals.  When  students from these movements relate facts that contradict the principles of  the creed of their group, we do not congratulate for the objectivity of their  work, they were punished for their heresy.  They are  ridiculed, their articles are rejected by the newspapers and they are excluded  from the larger symposia.   This is an indirect way of forcing them to “leave the movement.”  A similar repression  mechanism exists in all scientific fields that I know. For  many scientists, going against the current is equivalent to ACADEMIC SUICIDE.

(the source of those assertions are drawn from the book “Worlds in Collision” by Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky)

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