Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier.

Charles F. Kettering


John Searl’s vision is to restore “Power to the People”, but he can not do it alone, he needs the people to “Power his Vision”.

The newly updated community section of this website provides an opportunity for you to get involved. Ask questions, make suggestions, and share your views.

It is often said that the truth must pass the stage of violent opposition before it can be accepted by the mainstream. You can help expedite this process by participating in John’s Discussion Form.

If you believe in John and his work, then support his cause by getting involved. If you’re skeptical, then here’s your opportunity to challenge his claims; either way, get involved!


>>> Discussion Forum <<<

—————————–  The Searl Story Discuss the life of Professor John Roy Robert Searl, his past and his vision of the future, his triumphs and his disappointments. 
—————————–  The Technology Discuss John’s technology, the Searl Effect, the SEG, the IGV and The Law of the Squares. 
—————————–  The Philosophy Discuss the ideological and philosophical effects of John’s technology on mankind, including the notions of doubt, hope and truth. 



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