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The Solution For Solid Neodymium Segments

The solution for solid Neodymium Segments center has been developed from Neodymium powders. From raw Neodymium ingots, Tom and Jason have proven that solid Neodymium can be produced with the existing SMI facilities and...

SMI Makes First Homogenous Segment 0

SMI Makes First Homogenous Segment

SMI Makes First Homogenous Segment out of the mold after heat and pressure. The physical solidness, smoothness and consistency is outstanding. It is a great achievement by Tom today.

Teflon Neodymium Powder 0

Teflon Neodymium Powder

What Tom is pointing at are the good results in the pan, under the microscope after processing.  It is a mix of all four materials and ready for molding today! Under the microscope, Tom’s first...

FirstMold 0

First SMI Mold Made

This is the latest mold designed and machined by Tom, it is the first SMI mold made specifically for a homogenous version of a SEG segment.

Acrylic Production Lab Chamber 0

Acrylic Production Lab Chamber

Jason has become the master of the industrial table saw that made it possible to build this Neodymium powder production lab chamber. The lab chamber has been built from scratch out of acrylic sheets....

Networking Lab Computers 0

Networking Lab Computers

Networking Lab Computers The Lab room in the N suite now has a dedicated PC (Jason’s contribution) setup to work with measuring Microscope software and networked with the main office computer. All computers in every...

Balling Magnetic Powders 0

Balling Magnetic Powders

Tom in the process of making more Teflon rings and improving with every new batch of blended powders. He has completed another steel mold for a disk version that will incorporate all four materials...

Homogenous Segment Steel Mold 0

Homogenous Segment Steel Mold

Manufacturing Engineer. What Tom is working on next is a first Homogenous Segment Steel Mold version which will set the stage for next week’s testing and pressing with all four powdered materials. The making of...