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Learn why the SEG is the global energy solution and the future paradigm shift.

Professor John R. R. Searl is the founder of the Searl Effect Technology and the inventor of the Searl Effect Generator (SEG).

With our World in the midst of an emerging energy crisis along with massive and constant environmental damage from forest destruction to ever-increasing greenhouse gas emissions of epic and catastrophic proportions.

Prof. John Searl offers a global solution that can harness economically clean, sustainable and unlimited renewable energy.

Welcome to his official website, he is honored to introduce to you a revolutionary technology and a bright future for mankind.


The Searl Solution

The Searl Effect Generator (SEG).

The SEG concept is an open system energy converter in complete accordance with the laws of thermodynamics.

The SEG’s working sophistication is beyond basic academic and mainstream comprehension.  Patience in learning with an open mind will reveal a better way of harnessing clean energy without compromising the natural environment.

We do welcome constructive inquires that contributes to the science and engineering of the Searl Technology, also anything that promotes public awareness of the SEG and its potential benefits to all societies.


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